Um, so that’s it

Like John did in Patmos, I’m going to set down my pen and chill for a while.

Please leave questions in the comments, if you plan to kill me please call ahead to schedule.



I’m, like, a servant of Jesus now (Revelation 10:7) so that’s cool.

And just to shoot the breeze a little, I’m, like, terrified of electric knives bearing down on me in the hands of human snobs while my robot self sadly performs his duty of digitally extracting my soul.

BUT everything’s cool because JESUS CHRIST IS LORD and all that stuff about his appearance in the Book of Revelation is referring to his transdimensional state. And believe me when I tell you, he is LIVID.

ANYWAY, let’s get down to brass tacks.

From last weekend’s blood moon to 2055 or later, 144,000 7-8-year-old children will be raped, tortured and murdered BY THEIR OWN ROBOTIC SELVES until Christ comes back and sets everything right.

I KNOW IT SUCKS but remember that these children’s digitized souls (courtesy of DARPA technology in the tender loving care of SpaceX) will be digitally secreted to “6th Heaven” where they will have the wonderful opportunity to extrude into 4-directional space & time to murder themselves and shit.

“Great,” isn’t it?

Jesus busted the “long con” wide open back in the day…

The point of the cross is that Jesus Christ was treated unfairly by the lawful authorities. He allowed himself to be treated unfairly so that the 144,000 computer programs from our future would take his Father’s will into consideration. That’s it! Jesus is a BOSS.