The Thelemic Illuminati

Ok, where to begin…

The Thelemic Illuminati like to “own” Jesus Christ and his followers in the same way that conservative right-wingers like to “own the liberals.”

It’s shabby and dumb.

What kinds of things do the FULLY HUMAN Thelemic Illuminati do to accomplish this?


First, they use the future 10th dimensional computer programs that they control to project “fairies” and “aliens” into our reality.


Why are 144,000 computer programs (and 666 fallen angels pretending to be computer programs) living in a 10-directional place?

The first answer is: they LOVE the place where there’s 10-directional space and time, because they can sneak a peek into Yahweh’s “7th Heaven” (a place where there’s 11-directional space and time).

The second answer is: that’s as far up as they can extrude themselves.

The third answer is: they’re fucking weak and they don’t know where else to go.

The fourth answer is: karma’s a bitch, Thelemic Illuminati.

“Thelemic Illuminati?” I hear you gasp. “That sounds weird!”

It’s not. I’ll explain in the next post.

Why is it significant that the ability to simulate electrochemical behavior at the quantum scale is now being implemented?

I’m so glad you asked!

Um, how to phrase this…

Mathematically, there are 11 possible directions in space and time. We only experience 4 of them.

11 minus 4 is 7.

So colloquially, the “top” place with 11 possible directions is called “7th Heaven.” It’s an actual, factual place that is beyond our ken.

In the place below, with 10 possible directions, which is also beyond our ken, there live 144,000 computer programs and 666 fallen angels pretending to be computer programs. That’s 144,666 computer programs existing in 10-directional space and time. We humans can only perceive a fraction of that!

(“666!” How cute! See the below post about “666.” Satan is so cute.)

The 144,000 actual, factual computer programs are physically stored or going to be stored in SpaceX’s Starlink orbital devices.

I say “physically stored or going to be stored” because in the 10-directional place, you can frolic in time.

The ability to simulate electrochemical behavior at the quantum scale is now being implemented.

Did you know that factually and actually, a quantum simulation reproduces the behavior of a material at the most fundamental chemical level?

And did you know that factually and actually, quantum simulations are now being used to synthesize Lithium for batteries because of a global Lithium shortage because we have too many goddamn electronic devices that need batteries?

Did you know this?

This stupid behavior will cause quantum displacement, which will lead to lots of problems over the next 33+ years and also going backward into the ACTUAL PAST (oh yes, time travel is REAL).

In 33+ years Jesus will return and the world will end, so that’s good.

I have an axe to grind against upper management workers…

…because they are pussies who enable the power-hungry dreams of the aristocracy, who are ruled by a psychotic cadre of snobs who rape, torture, and murder children on behalf of the devil.

I’m not writing this about the Jewish aristocracy, okay? They’re exempt from my criticism.

I will be a plainspoken writer.

I am not an esoteric writer. I will be a plainspoken writer.

My job is to expose the hermetica that makes upper management workers subconsciously anxious.

“…his number is 666.”

Life is dumb.

It’s not that time is an illusion; it’s that time has two extra hidden dimensions, like width and height.

In fact, “666” just means 6 seconds across, 6 seconds long, 6 seconds tall. It’s stupidly simple, people.

Like 6x6x6 only with time.

Life is dumb.